Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HBO might make a movie!

Please excuse my lackadaisical blogging schedule -- the last post was February! But this news in the Hollywood Reporter bears repeating: HBO has optioned the rights to Appetite for Self-Destruction as a feature film. A lot of people have asked how this came to pass. It's pretty simple. Bob Cooper, a veteran producer who has worked on American Beauty and Barbarians at the Gate and now oversees Landscape Entertainment, called me one day and said he really liked the humor in the book. Which was great in itself. Then he said he wanted to option the rights to HBO, and six months later, I got an actual check of real money. The screenwriter is award-winning playwright Victoria Stewart, and word on the street is the working draft focuses on certain Sony Music executives mentioned prominently in the early chapters. I would say more, but I don't want Bob or Tory to send their Hollywood goons to my door.

More later, I hope ...