Saturday, January 3, 2009

And about those Hulk Hands...

In the Boulder Weekly, Dale Bridges writes: "While I was interviewing Knopper, my eyes kept drifting to the top of a nearby bookshelf, where there were two giant, green fists just sitting there for no apparent reason. They were a pair of those Incredible Hulk hands that you sometimes see at toy stores. When you put them on and punch them together, they say things like, “Hulk smash!” Knopper has a 6-year-old daughter named Rose (possibly named after the iconoclastic lead singer of GNR, but that’s only conjecture), but the Hulk hands were not hers. In fact, they seemed to be purposefully placed in a spot that was too high for Rose to reach."

Well played, Dale. I guess I have to respond:

1) What self-respecting 39-year-old father doesn't keep Hulk Hands in his office?

2) Rose was not named after Axl. (Or Jalen, or the Bowl, although her parents both attended the University of Michigan.) She in fact was named after her late great-grandmother, Rose Kahl.

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