Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hulk Hands and Denver-Boulder media

Sometimes it's nice to live someplace other than New York or LA. The press in my current hometown, Denver, and former hometown, Boulder, went crazy covering the book. A roundup:

-- Boulder Weekly sent intrepid features writer Dale Bridges to my house to 1) interview me for this death-of-the-record-business story; and 2) ask me to contribute a recollection of my years covering the local music scene in the early '90s. The Hulk Hands photo was just a bonus.

-- The Rocky Mountain News, where I occasionally contribute features and concert reviews, commissioned a 4,000-word excerpt, mostly from the Napster chapter. Mucho thanks to those guys for spending so much time and space on this -- they have a lot on their minds.

-- My alma mater, the Daily Camera in Boulder, did a review and a Q&A.

-- Westword's veteran music and media critic, Michael Roberts, wrote a book-signing preview

Thanks, guys! Hope to see y'all at the signings.

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